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For the time being, custom orders have ceased. The purpose is that I might catch up with my backlog.

Any report that I've quit, closed shop, etc., is simply incorrect rumor.

Enjoy the Site! I'll be in the shop building Air Guns.


Some of you will be new to my work. Perhaps you are new to the world of powerful pre-charged pneumatic airguns (PCPs). In order for you to understand what you are looking at, you will need to absorb quite alot of background information.

I hope my pages will make this education process enjoyable for you.

Thanks very much for reading ........ Gary

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Woodsman 32 Inserts

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Are you aware that toward the end of the 19th century, great target shooting festivals were held. People came by the thousands for week long events. Great eating houses were errected - shooting events were nearly non stop.

I tried to jumpstart something like this for the airgun shooting public. Started as large as I could afford. Paid for it out of my pocket and time. Take a look.

What happened, in a nutshell, was this: Some few really had a wonderful time. Supported the events - and took home great memories. Most were too busy to attend. Of those who did, a couple of handfulls participated in the full program the festivals offered. Most did not want to compete. Even given free SCUBA tank fills from professional outfitters, and given free transport for their tanks and equipment on tractor pulled trolley wagons; they didn't feel they should have to pay a $5 event fee (which rewarded engraved plaques and ribbons at the festival closing events).

Said tournaments went so far as to have the events guided by individuals who transported participants to event locations in ATV trucks. Stayed with and guided the participants throughout the competetion course, and brought them back to the main grounds. Said events took anywhere from 30 minutes to over and hour. Events were scattered throughout wooded areas, along trails, beside streams. Event participants shot at reactive steel targets - some at ranges over 100 yards. Some short course ranges were provided as well. Events were even provided for small bore, antique air canes, smooth bore, and for children accompanied by an adult.

People hated the idea that somebody would actually "WIN" , which made others appear to "loose". People freely stated that only Barnes PCP's stood a chance of winning anything. Mostly, people just wanted to huddle off to the side, avoid any fees, and shoot soda cans while chatting.

So ... the Festivals failed. Location acquisition, insurance, tents, targets, transportation, staffing, time ... it was a colossial drain which never paid it's own way.

However; for a time ... there were airgun festivals once again. Some very small scale invitational events have taken place since, with very small attentance. We've had alot of fun. The Barnes PCP's have done a great job. People have gotten to see and shoot the product. Here's the stories of those events.

Sorry - all of these festival links don't work - some materials have been archived and I have to dig them up and reload them - however; some - like Standing Stone 4 work














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