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Custom Barnes 45 Caliber Raptor Slugs available to the public

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This site also maintains it's own Forum. Part of that forum is a Gallery of completed pcs. made by Mr. Barnes.

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Welcome to ...Barnes Pneumatic


Everything you see here is operated off of high pressure air. These are NOT firearms, NOR are they weapons. Each is the work of one man - Gary L. Barnes, who manufacturers them individually and completely, for your entertainment and enjoyment.


                     Heritage 32 Pistol                           Hoss 45 Pistol Cased

                  Yukon 58 Carved Billet                       Ranger: Carved Walnut



             Bison 58 Carved and Engraved               Relief Carved Oak Leaves and Acorns

                      Oak Leaves and Acorn                        Hard Color Anodized Billet




                                    Figured Copper                                                      Burl Pattern



                                   Carnivore 58                                                        Prairie III 



                                Deer Carving in Walnut                  Primitive Hunter in Mahogany

Steel Carving in Progress

The Difference is in the Details ....

Yours Truly (currently), and the Alpine 45 (built in 1997)