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Yukon 58

Range Day

These aren't just wall hangers. We take 'em out to the range and enjoy them. This one has already been on a Wild Russian Boar Hunt. And, the smoked ham goes great with turnips and fresh red beets ... ;?)

Many folks tell me they come to the site to relax and share the stories. Get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and take the phone off the hook for ten minutes ... let's look over yesterday's range session.

This Yukon 58 was built for me. I'm a big guy and build my personal rifles to my taste and stature. This one did a fine job on my hunting trip. When I disclosed it on the site here, I heard from a good customer who was waiting for a Predator 57. He liked this one alot. Make a story short - I offered it to him to fill his order. He accepted. During this time period, I'd been contacted by Forbes Magazine. They'd written an article on airguns and wanted to photograph some of mine if possible. I had access to this rifle and my Hoss 45 pistol.

Everything worked out just fine, but this all takes time. So, the rifle is back and now needs to go to the owner. I proof everything before shipping. After hunting with this rifle, I'd taken it all down and examined the interior parts. It's a prototype. All systems are examined, studied, and documented to make sure my designs are solid and last well.

While it was down, I could not resist doing some relief carving on the frame. It seemed to "need" to be there.

Time to ship. However; the rifle has been taken down and re-assembled. It's been crated and shipped a couple of times. No way I was gonna ship it off to the customer without a final proof session.

So; I gathered up all the "stuff" you need for a range day. Dug out some slugs - wanted to cast some fresh ones but just simply didn't have the time. These had been picked through once - but weren't too bad.

The scope had been calibrated for the hunt last Fall. Taken off after the hunt, it had been sitting on a shelf in the office - still mounted in it's rings. It went into the case. At the range, I clamped on the scope with it's quick disconnect rings, and set the focus and distance for 50 yards. Posted a target. Now for the slugs ...

I make all manner of custom slug designs for my rifles. This one is NOT one of mine. It's cast from a standard 58 caliber mold manufactured by Lee. Molds are something that are an enjoyable part of the shooting experience for some. Trying new designs, etc. This one works pretty well @ 466 grains. The Yukon 58 can handle alot of lead. For comparison, standing beside it is a standard 10.5 grain pellet for a 17 caliber airgun.

The first three slugs @ 50 yards. Fresh out of the case. Hadn't been shot in months. No warm-ups.

Didn't even need to click the scope. Just used a slight adjustment to my hold using the mil-dots in the scopes' reticle. That's three shots...

It is too! Look at the lead smears around the left hole. ;?)

And again. Another group. That's also three ....

Check the double lead smear of the left hole.

Guess which one I dug out of the dirt berm ... ;?) They get there right now and pack a heck of a punch.

Once you get tuned in to your rifle and make small adjustments in your technique, accuracy results like this are to be expected from any Barnes rifle. I don't get to shoot as much as most would think. And, every time I sit down at the bench, it's with a new rifle I've never shot before (nor has anyone else for that matter). The point is; while these groups are fine, practice and consistency will improve them.

Hope you enjoyed riding along to the range. I need another one of these Yukon for myself. That Boar is mighty tasty ... ;?)

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